Friday, October 2, 2009

Too Funny

We had our annual lease renewal inspection yesterday (was supposed to be last Thursday, but it got rescheduled) so that meant deep cleaning. I went to bed the night before around 1230am after cleaning most of the night, I then got up with Jason (and Lex's screaming, I'll get back to that...) at 5am and cleaned until 830am. I was exhausted. Lex and Eva got up for the day around 930am and I could barely keep my eyes open. Lex asked, "What's wrong, Mommy?" I told him, "Mommy just worked her butt off." "Your butt?" I laugh, "Yup, guess I can't sit down since I worked my butt right off!"

Lex had woken up screaming at 5am because his ear hurt. This little guy has had so many ear infections that he doesn't tell me when his ears hurt, I usually just have to watch for his usual signs, sick eyes, little to no appetite, overly crabby... it has to hurt him pretty bad for him to tell me it hurts. I gave him some motrin and had him lay back down. I took him into the doctor that afternoon. Double ear infection, the left was more infected than the right. The left is the only one he says hurts. The doctor sent the prescription over to Target. We went over and killed about an hour to wait for the prescption to be filled. When we went to pick it up, my lack of sleep and over-exhaustion was getting the best of me. The fax had JUST gotten there... it was going to take another half hour before it was ready. I had to go home and sit down, so we left and waited for Jason to get home to pick up Lex's medicine. While I was paying for the medicine, I stood in front of Lex and he dropped something on the ground, so I picked it up and he laughs, "Mommy, you still have your butt!"

That was probably a lot longer than it needed to be...

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